• Mar 23, 2020

At the point when people become entangled in family law cases, such as separation, visitation, custody, children support and marital assets, they regularly have the decision of contracting their own legal advisor or speaking for themselves.

At Sanchez Curtis Law, we often give advice and counseling on how to explain to the other spouse that the time has come to part ways. We help strategize with our clients to put them in the best light for custody of minor children and to position them to receive an equitable share of the martial assets. If both parties are willing, we can help facilitate an uncontested agreement.

Separation or division may seem simple, and in some cases they are. Generally, by the time a couple is ready to terminate their marriage though, their relationship has deteriorated to a point where they can no longer communicate well.  Sanchez Curtis Law is committed to helping you communicate effectively, listening to the other party and then expressing your concerns and goals.

Not every divorce is a “conscious uncoupling.” In contested divorces, the parties cannot agree and tend to argue over everything. Having a calm and compassionate attorney on your side can help to defuse the tension and animosity.  When a collaborative strategy doesn’t work with either the spouse or the spouse’s attorney, Elena Sanchez-Curtis utilizes her experience of nine years as a federal investigator to find information that will be helpful to your case.

This is the place to find the best Family Lawyer canton GA. As an advocate in the divorce process will ensure that you have representation in front of the court and that we research and investigate all your concerns.  We keep up to date with changes in the statutes and evolving law in order to provide you with outstanding representation.

Sanchez Curtis Law Firm provides experienced Family Lawyers who assists parties in Cobb County, Cherokee County, Dawson County, Forsyth County and Pickens County.

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