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Elena Sanchez-Curtis was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 2010. Ms. Sanchez-Curtis did not immediately enter the practice of law after graduating college. Instead, she spent 17 years in the IT sales and sales management field. This business experience, and her own experience with co-parenting, allows Ms. Sanchez-Curtis to bring practicality and clear headed strategies to family law proceedings. This same practicality and analytical thinking is leveraged in her equine law practice and her....

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Family Law

We offer help with divorce, custody, child support, modification and visitation plus numerous other....

Equine Law

We provide legal advice and support for all the issues that horse people....


I attempt to resolve issue before litigation. Some examples include - obtaining an annuity for the....

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Before diving deep with your Divorce, Child Custody, Equine Agreements and Disputes, or other proceedings related to family law, consult with most seasoned family lawyer in Cherokee, Forsyth and Pickens county. We can help you take a step in the right direction.

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